Winter Solstice
The Winter

December | Fort Wayne, IN
Organizer: Ignacio Avila

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Spring Equinox
Michigan Dance

March | Dearborn, MI
Organizer: Mark Brock

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Summer Solstice
Northcoast Ballroom

June | Cleveland, OH
Organizers: Carlos & Marielle Pabon

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Autumn Equinox
The Motown

September | Dearborn, MI
Organizer: Blake Kish

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The Ballroom Co. LLC is very excited to announce the ALL NEW Four Seasons Dancesport Tour!

The Four Seasons Tour was designed with YOU, the dancer in mind. Our motto is An Attainable Goal With Attainable Results. To this end, we have joined together four competitions centered in the great Midwest, an area where you can truly experience all four of the seasons. Because the events are in relatively close proximity, dancers who normally struggle to participate in other dancesport series tours will have a real chance to set a goal of winning the Fours Seasons.

Three states, four events, one per season, and real, attainable results... This is the mission of the Four Seasons Dancesport Tour.


Special Announcement

Michigan Dance Challenge quickly approaches! This is the second event of our FIRST ever Four Seasons Challenge! Due to continuous requests, the competition organizers of The Four Seasons Challenge have agreed to this one-time rule change: For the FIRST Seasons Tour only, a student or professional competitor is now only required to attend THREE of the Four events for this first season to be eligible for prize money. That means a dancer can place in the TOP line up by dancing at MDC, Northcoast, and Motown Showdown. Who wants to win???

Leader Board

Top Student

Sheree Blasius

Sheree Blasius
3963 pts
Elaine Fieldman
3375 pts
Doug Blasius
2944 pts

Top Teacher

Tony Didier

Tony Didier
3625 pts
Toshko Kondov
2944 pts
Josh Tilford
2661 pts

Top Studio

FADS/Bloomfield Hills

FADS/Bloomfield Hills
6216 pts
La Danse Cleveland
4156 pts
Dance Manor
2968 pts

Prizes & Awards

Top Teacher Prize Money

1st Place$6,000
2nd Place$4,000
3rd Place$2,000
4th Place$1,000
5th Place$500

Student Prize Vouchers

1st Place$1,000
2nd Place$800
3rd Place$600
4th Place$400
5th Place$200


Top Studio Voucher

1st Place$500

Rules & Scoring

Point accumulation is as follows:

All Pro/Am Single Dance and Two-Dance Competitive Entries:

1st8 points
2nd7 points
3rd6 points
4th5 points
5th4 points
6th3 points
7th2 points
8th1 point
  • Each recall from preliminary rounds 4 points
  • Uncontested entries will be counted as half

All Pro/Am Adult 3, 4 or 5 Dance Competitive Entries:            

1st20 points
2nd15 points
3rd10 points
4th8 points
5th6 points
6th4 points
7th2 points
8th2 point
  • Each recall from preliminary rounds 5 points
  • Uncontested entries will be counted as half